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Spur Gear Pump  

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Timer Pulleys
Timing Belt Pulleys
Planetary Gearboxes
Flexible Geared Couplings
FHP Motors with Gear Boxes
Racks and Pinions
Gear Pumps
Oval Gear Pumps
Spur Gear Pumps



Oval Gear Pumps

Product Description:

TUFF PLAST  have recently developed a oval gear pump - with output 20 liters per minutes @ 1400 rpm

The body is in stainless steel. / M.S.

We have used PEK material for gears (0.8M) which is approved for Food Grade applications. Being fine module it will give very good accuracy.

The Gear Pump can be used for all liquids like,milk,oil, most of the chemicals & Greece.
Oval Gear Pumps
We are now developing a spur gear pump which may give you output of more than 60 liters per minutes. It also can be used for most of chemicals, oils & Greece.
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