Timer Pulleys,  Timing Belt Pulleys,  Planetary Gearboxes,  Flexible Geared Couplings, Gears
FHP Motors with Gear, Boxes, Racks and Pinions, Oval Gear Pump,
Spur Gear Pump  

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Timer Pulleys
Timing Belt Pulleys
Planetary Gearboxes
Flexible Geared Couplings
FHP Motors with Gear Boxes
Racks and Pinions
Button Strainer
Gear Pumps
Spur Gear Pumps

Timer Pulleys


Flexible Geared Couplings

• Maintenance free

• Compensates axial radial & angular shaft misalignment.

• Ex-stock available with pilot bore.

• Can be bored to suit your requirement.

• Application range from 250C to 800C

• Maximum bore
  Dia. 19 & Dia. 25
Flexible Geared Couplings

Planetary Gearboxes

• Modular
• Compact
• Light weight.
• Coaxial input / out put
• Highest efficiency
• Suitable for FHP application.
• Vertical or horizontal mounting
• Low noise level.
Planetary Gearbox
* Dia With A/F 0.8D
** Dia + Key-Way

SM1 Gear Boxes

• Prototypes
• Robotics & Automation
• Mini SPM's
• Advt Displays
• Small Sturrers
• Mechanos
SM1 Gear Boxes
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